Victor Roman’s sculpture bears metaphorical witness to the objects and gestures of a civilization that has since disappeared, a civilization in which he was immersed during his childhood in Transylvania (Romania) and the memory and harmonies of which he has immortalized. In the course of the twenty-seven years spent in his workshops in Nogent-sur-Marne and Saron-sur Aube, Victor Roman became one of the most important French sculptors of his generation. He produced a wealth of work, but what made him stand out in the history of art between the sixties and the nineties was his authenticity transcending trends and fashion, which by resorting to anecdote, weaken creation. A mystical and smiling blacksmith, Victor Roman has created numerous monumental works in France, works which watch over intersections and grace squares, in Bobigny and Villiers-le-Bel for example, with their unexpected morphologies and their friendly presence.

Marc Gaillard

Bibliography : Victor Roman, Paris, Adam Biro, 1996